ASACB revoked and

SUSPENDED Certifications

Standards of Practice​

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  1. Jeff Smith (Suspended)

  2. Tommie McDaniel (Suspended)

  3. William Sutton 

  4. Robert Elkins

  5. Sharon "Marann" Bonds

  ​6. Rick Cauldel (Suspended)

  7. Estrellita Goss-McLeod (Suspended)

  8. Tangela Cullum (Suspended)

  9. Barbara Smith (Suspended)

​10. Karen Waynie Hoffman (Revoked 5 years)

11. David Hillsman (Suspended)

12. Teresa Johnston (Suspended)

13. Brittany Nelson (Suspended)

14. Esther Nelson (Suspended)

​15. Lauren Manning (CIT Revoked)

16. Antonio Covington (CIT Revoked)

​17. Leighann Ratton (CIT Revoked)

ASACB regards its Code of Ethical Conduct and ethics process as the single greatest consumer protection measure within the credentialing process. ASACB is dedicated to the principle that individuals in the substance use field must conform their behavior to the highest standards of ethical practice. To that end, the ASACB has adopted a Code of Ethical Conduct which is applied to all professionals certified by or seeking certification from ASACB. ASACB is committed to investigate and sanction those who breach this code.

The Arkansas Substance Abuse Certification Board is committed to ensuring the highest ethical standards of it members.  The following links take you the Counselor Code of Ethics and information on reporting ethical concerns.

​Standards of Practice (pdf)                                         Release of Information (pdf)

Code of Ethics and Committee Process (pdf)

CCJP Code of Ethics (pdf)

Ethics Reporting Form (pdf)

Complete ethics report as follows: 
1. Open the .pdf reporting form above, print out and complete form.
2. Attach letter explaining the detailed circumstances involved. 
3. Mail to ASACB office 
4. Once the ethics board meets and reviews your case we will contact you with further information.