How to begin the Certification Process in Arkansas (CIT)

  1. IMPORTANT! Before registering as a CIT, you MUST have a Certified Clinical Supervisor with ASACB working with you! To access a list of authorized ASACB Clinical Supervisors click here! 

  2. Counselor In Training (CIT) registration fee is $100.00 (Non-refundable). You will pay online with a with debit or credit card.

  3. If you need to send in your payment as a check or money order, please mail a (check or money order please) payable to ASACB.

  4. Get the criminal background request form stamped AND notarized.

  5. Mail form to the Arkansas State Police with a $25 check or money order (made out to Arkansas State Police) along with a stamped envelope addressed to the ASACB office.

  6. When the background check is complete, it will be added to your Certemy account for approval.

  7. If applicable, request an official transcript from your college or university to be mailed to the ASACB office.

  8. ​​Upon ASACB review and approval, you will be registered as a Counselor In Training (CIT) and your confirmation letter will be awarded to you in your digital wallet.

  9. Once all of your hours are completed, you will need to schedule your test.

  • You MUST complete the entire CIT registration process to receive your CIT letter.​ 

  • If you have any questions please contact Jason Skinner, our administrator at 

  • If you do NOT carry a degree in a Behavioral Science such as Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Counseling or Criminal Justice, you will need to sign up at the High School/GED level of CIT.

  1. Click the applicable link by clicking on the arrow.

  2. Login to your account or create a new account.  

  3. Follow the CIT Registration instructions in Certemy software. 


High School/GED


Associate's Degree


Bachelor's Degree


Master's Degree

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